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  1. What we think about Coaching

  2. The Challenge

  3. Leaders have to ...

  4. ... handle multiple tasks every day;

  5. ... take profound decisions;

  6. ... work under enormous time pressure;

  7. ... guide employees to sometimes
    unpopular goals and objectives;

  8. ... make the impossible possible.

The Solution

  1. during a coaching session you and us find

  2. new ways and possibilities

  3. to reach your goals

  4. with joy.

  1. What is Coaching

  2. Business-Coaching

  3. is an one-to-one with an experienced and professionally trained Business-Coach, ...

  4. ... who discusses your topics with you;

  5. ... who asks the right questions helping
    you to see and find solutions;

  6. ... who assists you in finding again fun and meaning in your job, in order to face your challenges and solve your tasks with constancy, courage and success.

Working with an external Business-Coach
has the advantage that he or she...

  1. ... thinks outside of your box

  2. ... has no strategic nor personal interest
    in a certain solution

  3. ... is totally neutral

  4. ... has the professionalism and experience
    to find new solutions with and for you very quickly.

  1. Topics

  2. Leadership Skills

  3. setting the right priorities

  4. keeping the strategic overview

  5. taking the right decisions

Leadership Of Employees

  1. effective delegation

  2. leading „difficult“ people

  3. staff appraisals

Reaching Your Goals

  1. self-confidence, personal appearance, presence in public

  2. understanding and being understood

  3. realise and reach your goals and wishes,
    live your values and possibilities.