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  1. My Philosophy

  2. Hospitality is ...

  3. an attitude in life based on a benevolent conception of men;

  4. kindness and hospitality versus every single guest and customer.

Hospitality is not ...

  1. the commanded friendliness of greeters in supermarkets, often the result of so called „service design“;

  2. the artificial smile that people switch on and off like a light switch.

  1. My beliefs

  2. We are convinced ...

  3. that human beings by nature are born kind and friendly;

  4. that kindness and warmth are important factors for the well-being of everybody, regardless whether it is the boss, the colleague, a guest or a customer;

  5. that guests and customers prefer to spend their time and money where they get spoiled with joy;

  6. that kindness and warmth are part of an attitude that, to a certain extend, can be trained and consciously be developed.

  1. My commitment

  2. We demand of ourselves ...

  3. to improve every day and to constantly deliver measurable highest quality;

  4. to always deliver best service to our clients;

  5. to work for five-star-clients and we
    persuade with our five-star-performance.