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  1. What we think about trainings

  2. As trainers we are convinced that ...

  3. people learn best in a positive
    environment and atmosphere;

  4. a good mood and a good laugh are
    important and necessary pre-conditions
    for best learning success;

  5. we as trainers are responsible for
    creating that positive atmosphere;

  6. a long lasting and sustainable success is
    not only based on the training session
    itself. It has to be supported by
    colleagues and superiors prior and after
    the training session. We will be happy to
    support you on this task with our
    sustainability concept and experience.

  1. Your new experience

  2. In our trainings you will always ...

  3. always laugh a lot, to remain receptive
    in a relaxed way;

  4. always gain your new knowledge through own experience, because we believe that theory and practice are just two sides of
    the same coin that belong together;

  5. always enjoy trainers who speak free;

  6. always have the impression that time is flying;

  7. always love to remember the days of
    training and learning;

  8. always claim at the end of the modules:
    I want more.

The best for the best.
Promised !

  1. Your savings

  2. In our trainings you will never ...

  3. never walk on burning coals or do any
    other hocus-pocus;

  4. never be tortured with old fashion
    teacher-centred teaching;

  5. never have to endure hundreds of
    PowerPoint-slides in dark rooms;

  6. never have somebody who reads endless pages of plain text to you.